DaddyBear Announces Top 10 Cities in the USA to Find Gay Sugar Daddy

There is an increasing number of young men looking for gay daddies to support them financially due to the increase of college tuition fees and the pursuit of a fancy life. DaddyBear, one of the top gay sugar dating apps online, has gained a great popularity with a high ratio of gay sugar daddies and gay sugar babies, which is 1 gay sugar daddy for every two gay babies.

"As the most popular dating site for young men to find a daddy, SeekingArrangement is actually not working well. According to the recent news about the site’s growth, there are about 8 sugar babies for every gay sugar daddy on SA. The number is far from enough for young men since there are nearly 2 percent of adult guys are sugar babies in the U.S.” The CEO of DaddyBear Justin White said.

“Evidence also suggesting that the increasing number of gay sugar babies results in less allowance from gay sugar daddies since there are so many babies to choose online. A recent survey reveals that they spend a monthly allowance of $4692 on sugar babies, which is apparently lower compared to $5991 per month in 2012."
The dramatic rise of DaddyBear is just right. Justin White explained,”We have surveyed all 100,000 members on DaddyBear recently with a result that the ratio of gay daddies to gay babies is 1:2. Our data shows that about 3,500 members are daddies and about 6,500 are babies, which means DaddyBear can provide one gay sugar daddy for every two gay "babies". With this number, DaddyBear is about to change the awkward situation for gay sugar daddies when they are facing less daddies and less allowance. "

Moreover, there are also other remarkable statistics about its members along with this survey conducted by DaddyBear: White collar workers account for about 36% of gay sugar babies, ranking first. The second portion is students, occupying about 34%. The average age of gay sugar daddies is 45 years old. Babies can earn allowance nearly $4690 per month. Daddies’ annual income is up to $223,558. DaddyBear also ranks the cities in America based on the 3,500 member profiles of gay sugar daddies. New York City comes the first, followed by Chicago and Los Angeles. The detailed top ten gay sugar daddy cities are as follows:

All those results from this survey show that the increase of young men looking for mature gay daddy makes a huge demand for rich guys. And DaddyBear can be the best alternative to those popular but traditional gay dating apps out there with this high ratio gay sugar daddies and gay sugar babies.